501/453 RAC
Flameproof Exd & Increased Safety Exe
Dual Certified ATEX / IECEx

  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • For use with single wire armour ‘W’, wire braid ‘X’, steel tape armour ‘Z’, elastomer and plastic insulated cables
  • Provides armour clamping using one clamping arrangement for all armour / braid types.
  • Provides a seal on the cables inner sheath.
  • Provides a cable retention and low smoke and fume, zero halogen seal onto the cables outer sheath.
  • Deluge protection option available, contact Hawke Technical Sales for details.
  • Manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.