Connection Products

  • Offshore and Onshore oil and gas exploration
  • Production
  • Petrochemical
  • Processing facilities

To meet the demands of global project specifications, we can provide a complete product range for both IEC and NEC certified applications that comply with all international codes and standards. In addition to hazardous area luminaries, Chalmit Lighting can also offer customers a lighting design service and supply the unique, free of charge Chalmlite™ software package.

Cable Glands

Our cable glands cover the whole spectrum of armoured and non-armoured cable and applications from general industrial through increased safety, deluge, flameproof and explosion proof. The cable glands are available in Brass as standard with Stainless Steel and Aluminium, as an optional material on certain designs. The innovative design features included in the range make our Cable Glands the lowest lifetime cost solution.

Hazardous Area Cable Glands

  • Unique Rear Sealing System
  • Unique Inspectable Compound Chamber
  • Zero Cable Damage
  • The Original Reversible Armour Clamp
  • Inspectable Deluge Seal

American Series - NEC/IEC Cable Glands


We have been producing Exe enclosures for over 30 years which are very highly regarded for their quality and exceptional strength – something extremely important in the demanding environments of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Harsh and Hazardous industries. We provide a complete range of GRP and Stainless Steel electrical enclosures which may be supplied with fitted terminals or as an empty component approved enclosure. If supplied as the latter, then final certification by the customer after fitting their own equipment must be obtained. In this case, the prefix 'Z' is used when ordering.

  • PL-Range GRP Enclosures More
  • S-Series Stainless Steel Enclosures More
  • Eze Stainless Steel Enclosures More

Cable Gland Accessories

We provide a full range of accessories for our products including adaptors/reducers, insulated adaptors, stopping plugs, PVC and PCP shrouds, earthtags, locknuts and sealing washers.


  • Nylon Sealing and Red Fibre Washer More
  • Serrated Washer More

Earth Tag/Locknut

Shrouds/Insulated Adapters

  • Accessory Type: Shroud (TPE) More
  • Insulated Adaptor Type: 478/1 More

Stopping Plug Type Hazardous Area

  • Stopping Plug Type 475 & 477 More
  • 387 Stopping Plug More
  • 375 Stopping Plug More

Adaptors and Reducers Type