Flame, Gas Detectors and Surveillance Hazard Detection

We offer a wide range of detectors available for Flame, HC Gas, Toxic Gas, Smoke and Heat detection for hazardous and critical industrial applications. Our flame and gas detectors are globally certified to the latest product approval standards.


  • GE Nav is the free companion software to the GE Security TruVision Line of DVRs and is the surveillance system’s optional operator interface. It provides abilities such as multi-screen viewing, configuration control, remote access, and event logging.
  • Flexible
    Analyze the video frame by frame to pinpoint the alarm catalyst, ensure proper evidence management, and take corrective action. Maximize hard drive capacity by chosing from a variety of resolutions and adjusting the number of frames per second.
  • Functional
    The proprietary operating system has a simple user interface for pre/post event recording. Other features included in the system:
    • Local file search and playback functionality
    • NTSC or PAL configuration
    • Event logging for incident investigation
    • Scheduled and manual recording
  • Reliable
    This time-proven application has been used for years in industries such as financial, aerospace, and governmental.