Flame, Gas Detectors and Surveillance Hazard Detection

We offer a wide range of detectors available for Flame, HC Gas, Toxic Gas, Smoke and Heat detection for hazardous and critical industrial applications. Our flame and gas detectors are globally certified to the latest product approval standards.


The PIRECL gas detector delivers exceptional detection of flammable hydrocarbon vapors in lower explosive limit (LEL) range. Ideally suited for on- and off-shore oil and gas facilities, the PIRECL delivers a number of unique features and benefits including stainless steel construction for maximum strength, and a new multi-layer optics protection weather baffle for unequalled protection in harsh environments.

Superior Communications Versatility
  • Tri-Color LED provides local normal/alarm/fault status indication
Superior Flexibility and Options
  • Routine calibration not required!
  • Hand-held HART Communicator Interface
  • Optional built-in Relay Package (2 alarms, 1 fault)
  • Addressable System-Compatible (Eagle Premier)
  • Emerson Asset Management System (AMS) compatible
Superior Approvals
  • Certified to SIL-2
Superior Support
  • 5-year product warranty!
  • HART® Communication Foundation (HCF) listed and supported
  • Emerson Process Management AMS listed and supported