Combi Signalling Unit

  • Supplied in modular form with a base unit (terminal element) & separate bayonet-fit lens or sounder
  • May be used to warn of potential hazards or indicate the status of plant items, doors etc.
  • Two, three or four way assemblies to suit the status levels required.
  • Two stage alarm sounders with 32 tones avoids conflicts with other alarm signals
  • Five colours available with both Xenon and LED light sources to suit most visual requirements
  • Choice of three light outputs for the Xenon beacons, to suit the visibility levels required
  • Three user selectable flash modes from the LED beacons allows clear differentiation between signals.
  • Audible and visual elements can be locked into the Combi bases for added security Bases are available in either red or white to suit the application
  • Standard voltage range 9 to 30Vdc. (60Vdc also available) and will suit most commonly available DC supplies AC mains operation from 110 to 230Vac, with Combi
  • Power module, allows operation from AC supplies with the need for adjustment.