Hazardous Area – MEDC Alarm, Signalling and Notification Products

  • Potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Harsh industrial and marine environments
  • World-wide certification: ATEX, UL, FM, CSA, GOST, CQST Chinese, and to customer specification.
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High Ingress Protection Rating
  • Corrosion-free GRP
  • Wide range of customer specific options
  • Two year warranty on all products



15 Joule Flashing XENON                                                       
EExd, Weatherproof

  • Marine Listed
  • Four wires and supervisory diode
  • Filament version available (100W max)
Material: Corrosion-free GRP, Pipe mount or Direct mount enclosure, Optional  
Stainless steel backstrap
Voltage 24-48V d.c., 110-254V a.c.
Certified Temperature -55℃ to +70℃
Weight 2.6-3.0kg.
Ingress Protection IP66 & 67
Entries Up to 3×20mm or 3×25mm or 3 ×½〃 or ¾〃 NPT
Terminals Up to 12×2.5mm2
Voltage 24-48V d.c., 110-254V a.c.
Current (A) 0.67-0.78 at 24V d.c., 0.17-0.4 at 110-254V a.c.
Effective Candlepower (Cd) – 330 at 60 flashes per min
Peak Candlepower –  520, 000
ATEX Ex II 2GD, EExd IIC T4/T5/T6. Zone 1 & Zone 2
Options: Body & lens colour, lens guard, relay & telephone initiate, flash rate,
tag/duty Labels