Triple Offset High Performance Butterfly Valves

  • True Triple Offset, High Performance Design
  • Seating surfacing not subject to rubbing
  • Friction-free camming effect
  • 1st Offset – Shaft rotation centre is offset from the valve seating plane, providing a complete unbroken seal contact between the disc and seat
  • 2nd Offset – Shaft rotation centre is offset from the centre line of valve body, producing a camming effect that eliminates the friction between disc and seat during valve opening and closing
  • 3rd Offset – Seating face is non-concentric, forming a cone with the centre that is offset from the centerline of the valve centre. This allows the camming effect of the disc to shut off once the disc seal contacts the seating surface, without any rubbing, thereby eliminating wear and providing tight shutoff at every valve closure. This is a torque seated design and is ideally suitable for high temperature, high pressure and firesafe service.